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ORGANIC HEMP SPONGE - Natural Hand-Felted Skin Exfoliating Scrubber


Gently buff away dead skin cells to help reveal the brighter, softer and healthier skin underneath. Pamper skin from head to toe. Our hemp scrubbies are great for dry patches and can help the skin better absorb post-shower creams and oils. Try the fine hemp pad for the face, neck and chest and coarse hemp pad for the back, legs and feet.

Our scrubbers are perfect for a natural and chemical-free beauty routine. They are low waste and plastic-free. Every time you wash, know you are keeping skin happy as well as curbing microplastics in the ecosystem. As always, we're proud to offer zero waste and plastic-free beauty tools you'll love.


  • Recommended for every skin type, even sensitive skin. 
  • Works with any cleanser or soap
  • Available in two varieties for just the right amount of exfoliation.


  • Made solely from ong-lasting, durable and lightweight hemp.
  • Free of synthetics; 100% biodegradable.
  • Hand and machine washable. We recommend using a protective laundry bag to machine wash.


  • Made with pure, unbleached, untreated, combed, organic European-grown hemp and nothing else.
  • Hand-felted in Canada. 
  • Each scrubber is handmade so slight variation may occur.


Moisten sponge. Add preferred cleanser or soap and lather. Rub into skin with gentle, circular motions. Avoid using on sensitive areas or broken skin. Use daily for best results. When washing is complete, rinse out soap and squeeze off excess water. 


Allow to air dry thoroughly between use. Store in a dry place to extend longevity of the sponge's fibers.    


Each sponge is approximately 5 x 3 inches and weighs approximately 10 grams.


Made in Canada with organic European-grown hemp.

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