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About Us


We offer sustainable, holistic concepts and goods for beauty, wellness, home and life. We strive for what's good for soul, body and planet. We seek health and happiness, inside and out.

The Earth provides for so much of our needs, so shouldn't the things we use be better for the planet? The health of our minds, bodies and planet lies is connected. Making positive decisions in how we think and how we consume products is important. It can be complicated but we hope to simplify the process, whether you choose to purchase one of our products or decide to make it for yourself. 

We're a little company and we appreciate your support as we grow. Thank you for stopping by and shopping with us!  


Live fuller


Everything we offer is sourced with the intention of reducing our carbon footprint on the environment without a sacrifice in how we take care of ourselves. You'll find a blend of old and new world thinking on account of our goal to merge natural and eco-friendly solutions with a modern life.  

The centerpiece of our site is the cake weather blog, a space devoted to sharing our philosophy and exploring how to best create a full, happy and healthy life. We hope you find the blog helpful and join the conversation.  


Information contained within this site is for reference only and never intended to substitute advice given by your physician or any other licensed health care professional. Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.