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STONE MANICURE TOOL - Nail and Cuticle Groomer


Care for cuticles and nails effortlessly. This tool is a multi-taskerready to smooth out a chipped nail, shape nails into a desired shape or keep overgrown cuticles at bay. The slight heft of the stone provides a weighted feel in your hands for easy grooming.


  • Small and portable.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Perfect for both fingers and toes.
  • Suitable for dry or wet use.
  • Different shaped ends for extra precision in nail and cuticle care.
  • Fine grit. Best suited for removing smaller ridges or bumps and shaping the edge of natural nails.


  • Made of long-lasting stone.
  • Professional-grade.

The tool helps keep fingers and toes looking perfectly maintained. You're guaranteed flawless results whether you're aiming for a natural look or preparing for a manicure. 

CUTICLES: Clean nails. Apply an oil or cream to soften cuticles. Use stone to gently ease cuticles back towards the nail fold. Clean away debris when finished.

NAILS: Clean nails. Run the length of the stone across the tip of the nail and file as needed. Rinse away debris when done.

Wash with a gentle soap and allow to air dry thoroughly after each use.

Measures approximately 4".


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