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live fuller

Our credo is to live fuller. The choices we make when we live, eat and shop should reflect that. This requires the acts of...

being kind to the self

Living fuller means accepting where you are as you are and not measuring the self with arbitrary yard sticks like age, jobs, weight, possessions or perceived successes and failures. Treat yourself with the generosity and kindness you reserve for loved ones. Don't reserve the best for faraway days. Drink from the nice glasses, light a favorite candle, use the good stationery. Don't wait, today is special and worth celebrating. 

making better health a priority

Feed the body with nourishing food. Maintaining a balanced diet allows the body function as it should and provides to energy to live fuller. Find daily movement to keep mind and body sharp. Take the time to breathe and keep stress at bay. 

creating meaningful relationships

Nurture relationships with the right people, those who invest in you just as you invest in them. Be present for the people you care about. Make time to eat, play and laugh with the people you love. It's a helpful salve against stress and sadness. 

pursuing growth

Stoke curiosity and pursue knowledge. The mind needs stimulation to stay alive. Accept invitations. Seek novel experiences. Everything you do, do it with pride. If for no one but yourself. Say yes. Do the things you've been meaning to do. Let go of the things that no longer serve youclutter at home, bad relationships, old habits. Find a way to always move forward.

doing the right thing for the planet

Respect the earth. Eat more plants and plant more plants. Choose quality over quantity. Opt for natural, sustainable and organic. Shop local. Consume less. Consider not only the cost of goods to you but also the cost on the environment. Cut plastic out of your life. Give belongings a second life by repurposing and donating.

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