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BINCHOTAN CHARCOAL - Natural Water & Air Purifier


Hydration is essential to health and beauty. Our little secret to great tasting water is Binchō-tan, an activated charcoal fired from Japanese oak. Oak branches are carefully selected and heated at high temperatures over days to form a dark, dense and highly-porous filter of water and air. The heating process leaves the charcoal with a look and feel reminiscent of glass that makes it pleasing to the eye even as it filters. This is a natural product; variations in size and shape may occur. 


  • Binchotan imparts minerals and alkaline properties to water.
  • In 3+ hours in a pitcher or carafe, water is crisp and ready for drinking.
  • Each stick filters water for 4 to 6 months depending on volume of water purified.
  • Binchotan is an effective and low-carbon option to better tasting water for your family and pets without the negative effects of BPAs or added waste.


  • Purifies air by absorbing negative ions, excess air moisture and off odors.
  • Suitable for use in fridge, closets, shoe storage areas, pet areas and any place where the control of smell and moisture need a boost.

Recommended Usage
4" Binchotan stick: 16 oz. container or smaller

6" Binchotan stick: 24 oz. container or smaller

Rinse stick, boil for 10 minutes, and allow to dry thoroughly before first use. Once dry, place in container of water. We recommend a vessel made of glass or ceramic. For best results, allow charcoal to purify water for at least 3 hours before drinking. 

Recharge + Replace
Boil for 10 minutes every 2 weeks to keep charcoal's water-purifying qualities active. Once the stick stops releasing air bubbles during the boiling/reactivating process, it's time to replace.  

Place in a sunny spot for a day to keep charcoal's air-purifying qualities active. We recommend replacing the charcoal after one year of dry use.

Break up and sprinkle in the garden or in the soil of potted plants. The carbon-rich nature of Binchotan acts as compost and imparts fertilizing qualities to soil.

Imported from Japan.

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