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Keep skin radiant and makeup brushes clean with the Forever Sponge. Every tiny bristle on the multi-purpose sponge works to give the skin a gentle massage. Durable yet gentle enough for daily use. Try it with your favorite bar soap, body wash, shower gel, shower oil, or scrub.  Made of a lightweight, flexible food-grade silicone and available in two vibrant colors. Compact for easy packing. 


  • Soft bristles contour the face and body to remove dirt without tugging on skin.
  • Holds lather to target any and every spot.
  • Anti-microbial. With proper care, the silicone material inhibits bacterial growth, keeping the sponge free of germs and odors.
    • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or dry skin, on face and body.
    • Effective in softening the skin and hair in preparation for shaving.
    • Can be used as a brush cleaner for make up and shave brushes. Simply place the sponge under running water, wet brush, apply soap to wet brush, rub the brush on the Forever Sponge in a circular motion allowing water to wash off residue, repeat until brush rinses clean.


    • No shedding and no breakage guaranteed.
    • Requires less replacement than a traditional sponge or loofah.
    • Silicone bristles conserve product by creating full lather without absorption of cleanser.


    To use, add cleanser, lather and massage onto face and body in a circular motion. For deeper cleaning, exfoliate right before washing with the Forever Sponge


    Rinse clean, shake off excess water and dry thoroughly between use. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use.


    4.5 inches x 3 inches

    ​Imported from PRC.

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