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SISAL MITT - Natural Skin Exfoliator + Softener

SISAL MITT - Natural Skin Exfoliator + Softener


Let better skin shine by buffing away dead cells and help along the skin renewal process to reveal softer, smoother skin. Add a natural sisal mitt to your bath routine. Each sisal scrubber is woven with natural fibers derived from the agave plant and is 100% biodegradable. 

When used in combination with your moisturizer, skin will appear brighter and healthier after regular exfoliation. After all, exfoliated skin allows products to better absorb into the skin.

Built-in loop allows the mitt to air dry and keeps it in convenient reach. Sisal fibers will soften after repeated use. 


  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Works with any cleanser, liquid or bar.
  • Textured to carry away dirt and dead skin to help pores breathe and products absorb into the skin. 


  • Machine washable.
  • Made with natural fibers. A durable and sustainable option compared to nylon loofahs and cloths.
  • Biodegradable.

    Try a sisal soap pouch to help you make the most out of our natural handmade soaps, including the final bits and bobs.


    Moisten skin and mitt. Add preferred cleanser or soap to mitt and lather. With smooth circular motions, gently scrub the body.  Spend extra time on areas such as the elbows, knees and feet to remove dead skin.

    Not recommended for use on delicate or broken skin. When using for the first time, use light pressure on a small area first. Take care not to over exfoliate. Replace once every 3-6 months or when the mitt no longer feels coarse.


    Rinse out soap and any residue from mitt after each use and allow to dry thoroughly. To deep clean, place the mitt in a hot wash every week. We suggest the white cycle.

    Air dry to maintain longevity of fibers. Tumble dry low if you wish to use a dryer.

    Store mitt in a dry place when not in use.


    Sisal mitt measures approx. 7" x 8". 


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