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TERRY WIPES - Organic Cotton Makeup Remover Pads


Add reusable makeup remover pads to your beauty arsenal for thorough yet gentle cleansing. Each luxe cloth is made of soft organic terry cotton. 

Great skin starts with proper cleansing so wipe the day away the gentle and organic way. Say goodbye to the day's makeup — bright lipstick, stubborn mascara and even the most enduring foundation. Our wipes are also great for applying toner. Ditch wasteful disposable wipes and rounds for good. It's the kind thing to do for the earth.


  • Recommended for every skin type, even sensitive skin.
  • Works with any liquid cleanser including micellar water, cleansing oil and toner.
  • Slightly varied texture on each side to carry away dirt and makeup. 


  • Machine washable.
  • Each set of cloths comes with a mesh laundry bag for easy laundering.
  • More natural than conventional cotton or bamboo, which requires heavy chemical and mechanical processing


  • Made with 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton.
  • Pre-washed, cut and hand sewn in Brooklyn, NY. 
  • Each sherpa cotton wipe is handmade so variation may occur.

We also offer reusable makeup remover cloths made with sherpa cotton.


Moisten skin and cloth with a splash of water. Add makeup remover liquid such as micellar water, cleansing oil, or toner to cloth. Gently wipe face and neck. We recommend using a freshly washed makeup remover pad at each cleansing. Wash cloths before first use. 


To clean, place the makeup remover pads in a garment bag and place in a hot wash. We suggest the white cycle. For stubborn stains, pretreat with laundry detergent or soak in plain white vinegar and baking soda overnight before laundering.

Air dry to maintain longevity of cotton fibers. Tumble dry low if you wish to use a dryer. The cloths fluff up like new after washing, no matter how you dry.

Store in a dry place. We also like to store the cloths with a lavender sachet or a bar of handcrafted soap to keep the cloths smelling fresh.


Each cloth measures approximately 4" x 4". Laundry bag measures 8" x 8".

Cloths made in USA. Mesh laundry bag imported.

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