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MIGHTY KITE - Miniature Paper Kite

MIGHTY KITE - Miniature Paper Kite


The Mighty Kite is a miniature paper kite, the perfect thing to enjoy wherever a light breeze may blow. Its slim design is suitable for outdoor spaces, big and small, making it a great choice for family fun. Note: some have also enjoyed it in front of a fan indoors.


  • A tiny throwback that'll destress you and put a smile on your face.
  • The perfect excuse to get away from screens, take in fresh air and enjoy a bit of sunshine.
  • Fits in your pocket.
  • Great for all ages, adult supervision is required for children. 
  • Comes with two spare tails.
  • Thanks for allowing us to choose a Mighty Kite color for you. 

Find a breezy spot. Clear your flying area or choose a traffic-free place without low tree branches, lamp posts, buildings, power lines or any other obstacles. Always be careful flying the Mighty Kite around people and pets. Avoid flying the kite in storms.

Before flying, check kite to ensure it is undamaged. With your back to the wind, unfurl the kite line slowly. If the kite doesn't rise up in the air, move to a breezier space. Once the kite begins to rise up, allow the kite to go as high as you'd like. Watch the kite, tails and all, dance high in the sky and have fun! 

When you're done, slowly wind your kite line back onto the card. Being neat will ensure your kite line stays untangled for its next outing.

Less than 1 oz

Handle gently when unfurling. Keep kite from moisture as that may damage the kite. Store in a dry place when not in use. Spare tails can be used to replace torn tails or if you plan on flying your kite in particularly windy conditions. Feel free to use a thin smear of glue or scotch tape to adhere new tails. 

Kite measures 4.5" by 3.25". Tails measure approximately 30" long. 40 yards of line.


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