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ORGANIC COFFEE FILTER - Reusable Hemp Filters (Set of 2)


Unbleached, undyed, untreated, zero-waste and fully compostable. Our organic hemp coffee filters serve as a green alternative to plastic or disposable paper filters. There's no worry whether your home brewed cup of joe will have traces of chemicals or pesticides leeching from the filter — an important consideration given that coffee is brewed in piping hot water. 

These filter squares are recommended for a variety of uses in addition to brewing coffee. They are great to use to tie up herb bundles in braising recipes, an all purpose kitchen washcloth, a cover for brewing kombucha or proofing dough and more. Our hemp cloths are perfect for the organic, low-waste home. 

We specifically produce with hemp because it’s an excellent, durable fabric made from a plant that requires minimal intervention to grow abundantly. The hemp plant is naturally resistant to a variety of pests which means no pesticides are needed. Hemp is also versatile and used to create a variety of high-quality fabrics, food, paper, compostable plastics and more. Hemp is woven to produce beautiful fabrics that are long-lasting and become more beautiful with use. Our fabric is made from solely from organic hemp fibers grown in Europe.

Place a clean filter into your preferred coffee brewer as you would a regular paper filter. To prevent the filter from shifting, you can moisten it slightly before placing it on the coffee maker. This filter is made with a fabric that has a loose weave, so it may be best to use a coffee that's ground coarse and not overly fine. There will be an adjustment period if you're switching from paper to hemp filters. Expect extra coffee sediment in comparison to coffee brewed with paper filters.

Wash before first use. Hand wash or place in garment bag to machine wash. Do not place in the dryer. Shake out crinkles and lay flat to dry. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use. 
After frequent coffee-brewing, the filters may develop stains — to lighten them, simply leave the hemp filters in a sunny spot. Over time, the sun's rays will help fade stains and whiten fibers. 

Approximately 9" x 9". Minor shrinkage may occur after the first wash. Each is handmade with a natural fabric so please allow a bit of variation.

Handmade in the USA from organic European-grown hemp. Threads are 100% organic cotton sourced from the EU.

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