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Drinking Oil for Health

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Drink some oil. Ok, this sounds a little nutty if you're unfamiliar with the practice but the benefits may be worth it. Consuming natural oils may be the key to glossier hair, healthier skin and stronger nails as well as other surprising benefits. Chances are you already have oil in your kitchen so there's little added cost to trying it out. 

Drinking oil options and what it may do for you —

  • Coconut Oil: can help regulate thyroid function and fight chronic fatigue
  • Olive Oil: can help prevent a hangover and boost the cardiovascular system
  • Flaxseed Oil: can help boost brain function as well as provide added fiber to your diet
  • Rapeseed Oil: can help with joint flexibility and protect the heart
  • Avocado Oil: can help boost good cholesterol and boost the immune system

* We strongly recommend choosing oils that are cold-pressed, unrefined and organic from a country of origin you trust. 

How to make consuming oil more palatable —

  • Start small. Try a small spoonful before working your way up to more. The first few times will be the hardest. After a few tries, you will likely acclimate to the taste and sensation. 
  • Add coconut oil to coffee in place of creamer.
  • Mix the oil with full-fat yogurt.
  • Add oil to a smoothie. The blender will blast it into the smoothie and if you're adding ingredients like avocado or nuts, you're less likely to notice the flavor.
  • Chase the oil with something delicious. Optimally it'll be something that's easy to chew and swallow so you can quickly consume it.

And a few final things: Do not drink essential oils. Listen to your body, it's ok if this isn't for you. Check for nut and seed allergies and consult a doctor as necessary.

Have you tried drinking oil before?

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