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Stay Flossing


Is anything less glamorous than flossing teeth? But is any other low-maintenance action you can take to match its positive effects? No and no!

Sarah Silverman colorfully shared, "Death creeps in through the gums." She is absolutely right. The mouth is the gate to health. In fact, chronic gum and tooth problems may indicate health problems well beyond the mouth. Hence, the importance of not only daily brushing but also daily flossing. The power of flossing lies in the disruption of plaque buildup where a toothbrush cannot reach. Flossing removes the particles that allows bacteria to breed that can compromise the integrity of your mouth parts and ultimately enter your blood stream through weakened gums.

Recent articles published refuted the importance of flossing benefits but any devotee to oral health understands its importance. Ignore decades of recommendations at your peril. (Please don't, just floss.)

Skeptical of the effectiveness of floss? At the end of the day, brush teeth for the full 2-3 minutes recommended by the American Dental Association. Then floss and see all that the toothbrush missed. You'll first gasp in horror and then run out to stock up on floss, trust.  

How do you keep your teeth and gums healthy?

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