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How To Tell If You've Ruined Your Life

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I boiled my kettle dry the other night. Unsure if it was salvageable, I headed straight to Google. As I punched my question in, Google gave me its best guesses as to what I could be looking for. Before I had a chance to finish, Google offered up the most dramatic suggestion I've ever encountered. There it was... "how to know if you've ruined your life."

And it made me think — there are enough people who've pondered and searched this question for Google's algorithm to deem it necessary to save me the effort of articulating it.

It's a little funny and a little sad but we've all been there. Life throws curveballs. Mistakes happen. We trip and stumble. If you've veered off course, embarrassed yourself, failed at something, broken a relationship, lost a job or let someone you love down, it's easy to feel like life is over. If you're ever wondering whether you've ruined your life, please know you most definitely did not. 

Life can't be ruined. Life is dynamic, full of funny twists and turns. Bad things happen just as good things happen. Life keeps moving on and you can choose to grow or to stagnate. When we make a mistake, spending a little time to figure out what happened and why and logging it in our brain is all we need to do to never repeat the mistake. Know that every action or choice is a brick you lay to build the life you want to live. Every day is a new opportunity to fix the mess.

And if you're wondering about the kettle, it's still in fine working order. 

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