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A Farm in The Window

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Many of us rely on others for the food we eat. What if we could change that? Growing edible plants is easy to do, even with limited space and knowledge. 

One woman shares her experience creating the window farm project, a system of harnessing light from a window to grow plants that yield food. What an amazing concept! Her idea has blossomed into an open-source project and movement.

Whether you choose to plant a few herbs or build a full window farm, there are a multitude of rewards for your gardening efforts. Tending plants indoors promotes health benefits like mental clarity, stress relief, greater physical activity and improved air quality. Now you can add, home-grown, fresh and organic produce to the list.

If you choose to grow, we have a helpful tip -- pick containers of a stable material, like glass, terra-cotta or untreated wood. Avoid anything that has held or been treated with chemicals. If you plan to grow in plastic, it's safest to avoid planting in containers stamped with numbers 3, 6 or 7.

Do you live in a small space with limited outdoor access? Have you ever tried growing plants for food before?

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