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The Recipe for Better Health

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The best ways to ensure good health can be inexpensive, available to all and easy to adopt. What do we mean?

Eat Minimally Processed and as Diversely as Possible
If the food you eat matches the many hues of the rainbow, you're on the right track. Load up on vegetables and whole grains. Dried beans, organic fruits, and local vegetables are your friends. Keep frozen fruits and veggies on hand and you'll be able to whip up a tasty smoothie or stir fry in a blink.

Get More Sleep
Snuggling into bed and catching zzz's is how we (should) spend at least 1/3 of our lives. Time devoted to sleep allows the body to rest and repair away the day's damage. Keep your bedroom cool and free of devices for even deeper sleep. If you have time for a nap during the day, do it! 

Water is super important and crucial for the body to function effectively. Eight glasses may sound like a lot but much of the water we need is absorbed from the foods we eat. The rest you'll need to imbibe. Be sure to keep a glass of water on your desk, next to the sofa or by your bed. If it's readily available, you'll find yourself reaching for a sip more often. Our preferred water is filtered.

Relax and Meditate
Life can be stressful so unwinding daily is important.  Can't stop the wheels from turning? Try listening to music, set aside the next day's tasks by making a list of to-dos, or give a guided meditation track a go.

Move Your Body
Get blood flowing with exercise whenever and wherever. Movement in any form is good, even fidgeting. Try a post-meal walk, join a sports league or take a class at a local gym. Try something new until you find something you enjoy doing.

How do you maintain better health? Share your tip in a comment.

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