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RECIPE: Natural Immunity Boost Dust

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A tickle in the throat, a faint headache, an unshakeable chill—the classic signs of a coming cold we fear. Even the healthiest succumb to cold and flu season. After all, the immune system works overtime in winter to fend off germs, chilly temperatures and stress.

To stay healthy and fight colds quickly, you need plenty of sleep, hydration with warm liquids (think tea, broth or even plain hot water), loads of fruit and veggies and our special homemade herbal concoction.

In a jar, I keep a blend of:

  • echinacea, an effective immune system stimulator that prevents and reduces the severity of colds
  • bee pollen powder, chock full of vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids to boost immune function
  • ginger powder, a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent
  • the tiniest pinch of turmeric powder, an antimicrobial agent that helps fight off viruses and reduce fevers (Do add more turmeric if you enjoy the taste. Personally, I only like just a bit as its flavor can overpower the other herbs.)

The recipe isn't measured. Just add what you like or have on hand and skip what you don't. You can use equal parts of the first three ingredients and adjust as you brew your tonic. You'll figure out what tastes best from there.

Our tip, purchase herbs from a reputable source. I source my ingredients from a local health food store in downtown Manhattan and supplement with what's available at Trader Joe's. You're likely to have a local health store that'll stock these ingredients. If all else fails, Mountain Rose Herbs offers sustainable organic herbs to your door.

To use this special immunity boosting dust, fill a mug with hot filtered water and stir in a spoonful of the mix with a bit of honey and fresh squeezed citrus juice. I make this whenever I feel a cold brewing, through a serious cold and even as a preventative measure. Drink up, bundle up, rest up and you'll be back on your feet in a snap.

Is there another herb we could add? Would love to hear your suggestions! 

*If you're not feeling well or have questions about the safety of consuming certain herbs, do see your doctor. 

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