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Sea Buckthorn Oil for Better Skin

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Oils are fantastic in natural beauty routines. Many of us know of argan oil and jojoba oil but there are lesser known oils that are equally versatile and beneficial for skin. We've been using and experimenting with sea buckthorn oil in a variety of ways and we're enamored.  This humble oil packs a ton of skin-beautifying punch.

Sea buckthorn is an edible berry from a deciduous plants native to Europe and Asia.  It's also commonly known as seaberry or sand thorn. Its berries have a gorgeous, bright orange color.  The berries are packed with nutrients and often made into jellies, wines and teas. It's difficult to find sea buckthorn berries fresh here in the states but that's alright, as we prefer to using it topically. As a stand-alone, the oil works well as a super nourishing, all natural healing skin salve. That's because sea buckthorn oil contains a healthy combination of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. When applied to the skin, the oil is used to heal burns, cuts, acne, eczema, dryness and sunburn. 

The oil is thick and a deep golden color. When rubbed onto the skin, a slightly yellow/orange color can be seen on lighter toned skin, though it fades quickly. The smell is slightly reminiscent of fish oil when it's in the bottle. Once you warm it up and rub it into your skin, you get an earthy, leafy scent that's a bit like tea. The scent is muted and is quite pleasant.

If you're looking for a bottle of sea buckthorn oil, choose a bottle that's organic, pure and cold processed so you're sure to get maximum skin benefits with every application. Seaberry oil is also great on skin when mixed into balms, salves, creams and lotions. We've developed our own and will be offering it to you soon. 

Have you tried sea buckthorn oil? 

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