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Shea Butter Goodness

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Is your skin in need of deep moisturization? Look no further than shea butter. This natural moisturizer comes from crushing the seeds of the African shea tree and has been used for beauty purposes since the days of Cleopatra.

Shea butter works wonders on skin, nails and hair because it's loaded with naturally-occuring vitamins and minerals. It's anti-inflammatory and great for treating skin issues like eczema, severe dryness, windburn, dandruff, scarring, even diaper rash. 

We love the butter in lotions, hair products, lip products as well as soaps. You can buy products with shea butter or go the DIY route. On its own, shea butter is the perfect single-ingredient moisturizer that'll soften onto skin with the warmth of your hands. As an ingredient in your own beauty concoction, the butter is easy to work with and can be used in a copious amount of recipes. 

A word of caution, check for allergies before diving in. Shea butter is derived from a nut so it may not be suited for those with a sensitivity. Check with a doctor or allergist if you're unsure.

It's exquisite much like other natural moisturizers but unlike the delicious and enduring favorite, coconut oil (which does wonders when eaten or used topically), shea butter is best for external use. Are you a fan?

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