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Your Skin: A Reflection of Your Health

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Your skin is your body's largest organ. It performs many of the body's most essential tasks—providing a barrier from germs, regulating the body's temperature, expelling waste, defending against the sun's rays.  

Skin also acts as a crystal ball by giving you a glimpse of your overall health, particularly your digestive system.  Skin with dry patches, breakouts and dullness reveals as much as a complexion that's glowing, healthy and plump. And it's important to remember everything you put on your skin is absorbed by the body. 

​With this in mind, it's important to recognize that skincare requires a holistic approach. What you put into your body matters as much as what you put on your body. Take a moment and consider the condition of your skin.  Are you taking proper care of your skin, inside and out? What are your favorite ways to keep skin healthy? 

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