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On Vulnerability (VIDEO)

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"To be vulnerable is to be alive." - Brené Brown

Our lives are increasingly filtered through Instagram and Facebook to show only the happiest, shiniest moments of our lives. With every cheery picture of babies, birthdays and vacationsfriends think we're happier than ever.

But is this true? In a world where the pressure to put forth an image of a perfect life, how vulnerable are we? How can we live a full life if we can't show weakness or vulnerability, both essential parts of living?

The irony is that it takes strength and courage to be vulnerable. It takes bravery to put yourself out there and face the possibility of looking silly or getting rejected. The best things in life, like a worthwhile love, a rewarding career and a meaningful friendship, all require vulnerability.

 Is vulnerability a part of your life? Do you agree with Brené's words of wisdom?

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