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Marigold Magic

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What do you know about the humble marigold? Chances are you've grown its bright and cheerful flowers at some point in your life. Childhood memories of marigolds sprouts in milk cartons come to mind.  

But there's more to this beautiful flower than looks. Marigold is actually the common name for calendula which is having its moment in the beauty and health world. Its petals contain a myriad of healing benefits. 

This is because calendula is a wondrous, curative plant from the sunflower family that comes with a punch of medicinal benefits. Calendula can be used topically and internally for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities. The flower has been used for generations to help ease sore throats, heal inflamed skin, promote better oral health, keep baby's bottoms happy and fight infection. For eczema, calendula is like a loving kiss from nature. Talk about flower power.

How to get infuse marigold magic into your life? Grow them in a window sill not only for bright and cheerful flowers all spring and summer long but also as a way to keep mosquitoes and others bugs at bay. Look for calendula in skin and beauty products to help soothe sensitive skin. It's a godsend in soap and as a hair and skin rinse. Enjoy petals in soups and salads, they're yummy and have been enjoyed at the table for centuries. Steep a tea made of its petals to and dab onto skin for bites, rash, scrapes and acne. While the flower is gentle enough for use on babes and pets, do check with a doctor before consuming if you're pregnant, have allergies or are taking certain medications. 

Is calendula a part of your health and beauty routine?

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