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Binchotan Charcoal: The BPA-Free Filter

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Think water filter and what comes to mind? Disposable plastic cartridges, the ones that go in pitchers and attachments mounted to the faucet. These filters are expensive, require frequent replacement, contribute to landfill waste and necessitate drinking water to come into contact with plastic. Sometimes the contact lasts for hours and even days, allowing hormone-disrupting BPAs to sneak into water. Given what we know about BPAs and what this chemical does to our health, a switch may be in order.

Have you considered Binchotan charcoal? Binchotan is activated charcoal created from Japanese oak. Branches are carefully selected and then heated at extreme temperatures to form a natural and effective filter of water and air. Despite the dark and dense appearance, Binchotan charcoal is delicate and porous. This texture allows water and air to filter through while bonding with unwanted elements. 


  • Binchotan is a natural and less processed option for filtering water. Water does not and should not have to filter through or sit in plastic. 
  • In addition, a stick of Bintchotan in a glass container is simple to use and makes a functional yet decorative piece in your kitchen or entertaining space.
  • Binchotan offers flexibility and portability. There's no need to purchase a specific filter that needs to fit a certain pitcher or faucet. In fact, the binchotan can be fragmented into smaller pieces for smaller containers. Binchotan works anywhere, anytime, with just about any container.
  • The sticks impart minerals and alkaline properties to water while removing impurities, such as chlorine, making for a delicious glass of water.
  • Binchotan generates zero waste as a filter. Once the Binchotan is spent, break it apart into smaller pieces and sprinkle in the garden as a natural fertilizer.  Not only is there no waste but it acts as natural fertilizer, enriching soil.

Allow the Binchotan stick to sit in water for at least three hours. For even better tasting water, allow the charcoal stick to sit in water overnight. Activating and recharging the charcoal stick is as simple as boiling the charcoal in water for 10 minutes once every two weeks. Each stick can purify water from four to six months depending on the volume of water purified. 

In purifying air, Binchotan lasts even longer. The sticks are suitable for use in a closet, shoe storage area, refrigerator or any other place where odor and moisture control may need a boost. To recharge, place the charcoal sticks in a sunny spot for several hours once a month. Binchotan lasts up to a full year when used to purify air.

Binchotan is essentially a low-carbon method to help generate great tasting water and cleaner air without the effects of BPAs or excessive waste. Enjoy the freedom of using the charcoal in your choice of glass or ceramic to filter, store and dispense water. Hydrate deliciously and breathe deeper!

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