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Cool Weather Eczema and Dry Skin Tips

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What marks the passage of time better than the arrival of autumn and the skin havoc it wreaks? 

In a perfect world, the temperature would drop steadily a few degrees, allowing us the chance to acclimate. Sadly, the reality is weeks of fluctuating temps. One day, a sunny picnic in shorts and a few days later, a sweater and scarf just to walk the dog. While it's easy to shed or put on layers, dealing with skin issues like uncomfortable dryness and, for those with eczema, flareups isn't so simple.

For serious issues, we recommend calling on a doctor or dermatologist. When facing minor issues, we have a few suggestions to help keep skin happy.

Stress less. Stress leads to an inflammatory response in the body. This can lead to sleeplessness and compromise immune function, both of which give skin extra challenges to be healthy.

Get serious sleep. Get into a nightly routine of shutting off screens and making your bedroom dark and cozy. Getting a full night's rest helps the body heal and restore itself. Rest isn't idleness, it is a great investment of time.

Work to heal a leaky gut. Some experts point to a leaky gut as a cause of skin issues like eczema.  A diet of whole, real foods can help with its effects. When the weather is cool, enjoy warm beverages and soups. If you have dry patches or eczema, nettle tea and bone broth are particularly splendid for skin.

Be wary of oil-stripping bath and beauty products. Our body's natural oils help keep skin plump and healthy. Washing skin harshly will not only make skin even more dry but could trigger the skin to go into overdrive to produce more oils, throwing skin out of balance. Instead, try a gentle or natural soap and avoid antibacterial soaps as they tend to remove the healthy bacteria that naturally occurs on your skin.

Bathe less. This can be challenging for clean freaks but hear us out. Every hot shower or bath strips the skin of oils. Instead of two daily showers, try scaling back to one. Another option is to spend less time in the shower. Also, wash with water that isn't too hot as that can be stripping on the skin as well.

Moisturize immediately after bathing.  We're talking within minutes of exiting the shower while skin is still damp. Generously slather lotion or oil that has nourishing, natural ingredients to help lock in moisture.

How do you keep skin happy once the cool weather kicks in?


(Image courtesy of Dina Makhmutova)

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