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Is Organic Food More Nutritious?

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The health-conscious often choose organic over conventionally-grown fruits, vegetables and packaged foods despite the fact that organic food costs more. This got our gears turning and made us wonderis it worth it to pay up for organic? Does organic food have better nutritional value?

The answer isn't simple. Some studies have found that organic foods don't always provide more nutrients than conventional. However, another recent study found the opposite, that organic food is indeed more nutritious. This particular study showed that organic foods have higher levels of health-giving compounds that help fight inflammation and protect the body from disease. 

First off, it's worth noting that health and nutrition is a complex topic. No study can perfectly isolate any single factor such as a diet of strictly organic foods will give better health because life isn't a vacuum. Many actions affect our physical well-being including engaging in regular exercise, socializing with loved ones, managing stress and getting quality rest. Every aspect of our lifestyle factors into the equation.

Nutrition aside, another benefit of organic food is decreased exposure to pesticides and other potentially hazardous chemicals. This translates to food that's likely safer for you and your family to consume as well as food that's produced with less negative effects on the environment. This is also the reason why many prefer not to eat GMOs.

Bottom line: The decision to stock your pantry and fridge with organic or conventional is entirely yours. At the end of the day, eating solely organic is secondary to eating a balanced diet of whole foods. Choosing conventional fresh produce over organic shelf stable junk food is better for your overall health. Eating conventional foods but living a healthy and happy lifestyle is good for you as well.  As always, weigh what makes sense for you and just do your best. 

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