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Copper, an Unsung Hero

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Did you know that traces of copper are sprinkled throughout our bodies and it's essential in keeping our bodies healthy? It's crucial for the function of the brain, skin, heart, bones and immune system. Our bodies get copper from common foods like almonds, grapes, black pepper, oysters, beef liver, lentils, peanuts, leafy greens, avocado and even cocoa. Your body needs just a small amount of copper, so getting your dose from those foods isn't difficult.  

Copper's also been mined for thousands of years so it's no surprise it shows up in many corners of our lives. In the kitchen, copper mugs, molds and pans are common. (Martha Stewart's a big fan of copper cookware.) Copper is often used in jewelry. I've a copper bracelet I found at an artisan market in Chile about five years ago. It's still in rotation and I loved that it came with a little booklet that explained its spiritual and health benefits. Spiritually, wearing copper is believed to offer protective abilities, ward off bad spirits, promote deeper thinking and invite healing. In terms of health, copper can help in promoting healing for joint pain, providing relief from arthritis, enhancing minor wound healing, curing athletes foot and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Because of copper's proven antimicrobial qualities, you'll find it woven into tiny threads in socks to help cure smelly feet and foot fungus, as well as on surfaces like doorknobs and handrails in hospitals because of its remarkable ability to kill bacteria and other microbes. Copper tongue scrapers have been used as an Ayurvedic method of maintaining a healthy mouth for years. 

Copper is natural and not harmful to the environment. What an amazing thing! We love the gleam of polished copper but the true beauty of copper is its ability to promote health. Do you have any copper goods in your home?   

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