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Ginseng: The Root of Health + Beauty

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Ginseng's an herb popular for its medicinal and beauty benefits. It's a rare, slow growing plant so using ginseng is a true indulgence. Ginseng is an unassuming plant, commonly found growing in shaded wooded areas in the mountains.  It's green leaves are unremarkable and the most crucial part of the plant is buried under the ground. The odd shaped roots are where its greatest medicinal benefits lie.

For your health or beauty routine, wild American roots are unrivaled. Wild ginseng is desirable because the root is essentially organic. Truly wild roots are free of harmful chemicals like pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Another reason wild is preferred is the fact that the root is more likely to be packed with more health-giving nutrients and antioxidants.  Wild ginseng is hardier as it must fend against the elements which equates to slower growth and development of the various health compounds ginseng lovers seek. They're also environmentally responsible as wild ginseng can only be plucked from the earth for a short season each year and requires diggers to plant its seeds at the time of plucking. 

Ginseng's packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. When taken in foods and soups, the root is believed to fight inflammation, boost fertility, enhance brain function, support immune function and improve mood. When used topically in beauty oils and serums, ginseng can help fight the signs of aging, prevent and treat acne as well as tighten and brighten skin. If you have the opportunity, add it to your beauty arsenal to help skin glow.

Are you a fan of ginseng? 

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