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Seek Stillness

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We spend nearly every waking moment bathed in noise. The ubiquitous din of traffic passing, the chatter of conversations, and music in shops and restaurants is incessant. The constant commotion isn't good. In fact, quiet is a long-neglected component of health. Studies have found that the effects of noise can be lethal because of prolonged noise exposure's taxing effects on the cardiovascular system.

Even when we find respite from physical noise, many overlook peace in the noisiest place of all, our minds. Silencing a busy mind can be hard to do, but the best way is meditation or the act of putting down our devices. 

On a side note, silence comes with introspection, which may be uncomfortable initially. Surprising thoughts and emotions may bubble up. The stillness may force you to look inside to places where you need to focus. Note what your mind can't seem to hush and work on those areas.

Finding quiet moments to rest and meditate regularly is beneficial for your health so do your best to make time for it. When was the last time you had a moment of physical and mental quiet?

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