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Handcrafted vs. Commercial Soap (Plus a Giveaway)

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*UPDATE: Congrats to winners, Jasmine C, Sandra K and Arionna S! Friends who've entered, do continue to check your email to see if you're our next winner.

In the search for a healthier alternative to mass-produced, chemical-laden commercial soaps, cake weather was born. We simply were not ok with soaps (and many other personal care products) made to appear pure and healthy, only to find strange ingredients that serve functions like achieving a certain look, density or lather. We've grown since then but we still stand by that belief.

The oftentimes harmful ingredients in soap do nothing to actually clean or nourish skin. The most worrisome thing is the questionable effect of these extraneous ingredients on the body. Our pores open in a hot shower where we absorb not only through the skin but also through the mouth and nose when we breathe. Not to mention the effect of the chemical suds on the environment once it washes down the drain. While positive changes are slowly taking shape in terms of acceptable and safe ingredients being used in personal care products, especially in anti-bacterial soaps, much remains to be done.  

We've made the switch to more responsible soap and haven't looked back. The team, friends and family use our handcrafted soaps obsessively, often rotating based on season, the skin's needs, even mood.   

These handcrafted soaps promise a nourishing cleansing experience, with options for different skin types such as those affected by eczema or mild acne. Our soap is made in the USA where every bar is carefully cut by hand and expertly cured to give you countless gentle washes.  

In a busy life, we have only so many opportunities to stop and take care of ourselves.  Whichever soap you use, we hope you're swapping in something closer to earth and better for body. Nothing pleases us more than knowing healthier decisions are being made!

What's your experience with natural or handcrafted soaps? Leave us a comment for a chance to win a bar of cake weather handcrafted soap. Good luck!

(Giveaway details and rules are available here.)  

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  • alexandra on

    Handmade soaps are more gentle on my skin.

  • Stephanie Bonck on

    I love the smell and feel of handcrafted soap. It is way better and is real soap, and I found out the soap on the shelf is NOT actually soap as our ancestors bathed with.

  • STeph on

    I love handmade soaps

  • Victor Kirshbaum on

    Last time I had handmade soap was when we made pioneer soap in history class.

  • Breanne on

    I have yet to try handcrafted soap.

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