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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” ― Charles William Eliot

Books shape our perspective. Even after we turn the final page and put it down, a truly good book's message seeps into the mind and soul and leaves an indelible mark on your thoughts and actions.

We're always ready to share and hear about great reads. Here are a few cherry-picked reads to help take you from where you are to where you want to be.  

The Dalai Lama's message is clear and profoundly compassionate. The caveat is the difficulty of fully absorbing and living with his message. This book is one the truly requires you to be at a certain place in life before you can fully receive its message.






Oprah has spoken with every influential person of the modern age, so it shouldn't surprise you that she has gleaned heaps of insight into what makes for a full life. This is a light read with a deep message.






The collective experience of hundreds of years of life can't be wrong, right? A striking theme in the book is the consistency of the messages across people, regardless of upbringing, experience and location. When we strip away all our differences, the keys to a satisfying life are actually very similar from person to person.  





This book list is full of amazing reads but this book is life changing. What and how we eat are so crucially important to our health yet this book asks questions that seemingly do not cross our minds. (Ex: where does our food come from?) 






Wonderful pieces of advice to get your creative juices flowing. The advice actually applies to much more than creating art.








This book is designed to flow with the days of a calendar year. Each day you read a page of wisdom. A short poem and a few short paragraphs have expansive, thought-provoking effects. No matter how frazzled, stressed or uncertain I find myself, the words in this book always have a calming effect on the mind.






If you are trying to reduce clutter or save, skip the bookstore. A trip to the library will do the trick. What books have changed your life?

 (Images courtesy of Syd Wachs and Amazon)

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