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The Importance of Rest

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We all take great pride in getting things done, even when it comes at the expense of down time. It's a uniquely modern way of living. We diligently crush our list of things to do, organize complex schedules of every family member and meet even the most demanding deadlines at work and school.  

Much is being done but how well do we rest? Do we actually rest? I have a hunch many of us aren't resting as much as our body needs. It's hard to slow down when we have momentum and when we pride ourselves on being busy. But busyness is a myth that can negatively affect our health.  

How do you know if you're getting enough rest? If you find yourself falling asleep in the middle of the day or getting sick more often, that's ok. It happens but your body may be telling you to rest. If you don't feel rested even after a full night's sleep, you may simply need more rest.

We all need quality rest. Rest includes not only sleep but also leisure activities. This may be reading, playing an instrument, making art, listening to music, meditating or even daydreaming. So get lost in something that relaxes you and brings you joy. And it is not just for the weekends. We'd all be better served if we carved out 30 minute (give or take a few minutes) of rest and self-care time for ourselves every day. 

Life is about balance. This means periods of work and periods of rest. Let's clear the misconception that rest is laziness. It's definitely not that. It's what our minds and bodies need to recharge. So find time to relax, rest and unwind, it's good for you.

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