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Meditation for Peace of Mind

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I was introduced to meditation techniques in a high school yoga class, which happened to be an elective for phys. ed. Being the teenager that I was, I chose the class based on (untrue) rumors of an easy A. In actuality, the class was challenged me physically and mentally. Yoga was worth the effort and I was hooked. I took the course every chance I had. The class opened my eyes to chakras, yoga poses for specific physical and emotional issues, reflexology, breathing exercises, and all that good stuff.

Mindfulness meditation was THE golden nugget I discovered in that class. I didn't understand the science but I knew I felt calmer and happier after every session.  Studies now show it benefits everyone, young and old. Children who meditate feel its positive effects in the classroom including feeling calmer, performing better in school and improving cognitive control. For those who meditate later in life, benefits include diminished feelings of loneliness and improved immune function.

There's plenty of literature about meditation, even helpful apps (I've been dabbling with Headspace.) Carving out 10 minutes a day is sometimes difficult but it's impossible to leave a meditation session without a mood boost. Meditating leaves a feeling of satisfaction that is hard to find.

We shop, we drink, we distract ourselves with mindless entertainment as relief from the stresses of modern life. It's so easy to forget meditation is available to us. Maybe this is due to the fact that the act of meditating is silent and doesn't clamor noisily for our attention.

​But we're all looking for balance and peace for the mind and soul. To breathe and just be. You have the tools to meditate, will you give it a go?

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