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The Right Stuff: Picking & Using the Correct Skin Products


There's no shortage of skincare products that perform amazing feats - anti-aging, spot correcting, hydrating, brightening, line-reducing.  It's tempting to purchase and try every one. However, it's smart to resist the temptation and get an understanding of the state of your skin as well as what your skin needs before diving in. 

Formulas are formulated for specific purposes, skin types, even skin age. The needs of youthful skin are markedly different than the needs of mature skin. Products are formulated to target specific goals or problems. Using a product that isn't designed for your skin could result in ineffectiveness at best or even damage to the skin.

There's great resources to help you navigate the jungle of products. Read labels, consult an expert behind the beauty counter, check in with your dermatologist and do research to ensure you're on the right track. Doing research saves money and, ultimately, your skin!  

Choosing products that fit your skin type and age means efficient treatment that'll take care of your skin's precise needs. It's the fast track to the best skin you can have. What surprising things have you learned in your quest for the right skin products?

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