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Does Winter Make You SAD?

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Short days, bare trees and freezing cold weather are among the things we endure every winter. It's enough to make you glum and blue. In fact, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a reality and the deeper into winter we get, the likelier we are to feel its effects. To get through the winter blues, here's a few constructive ways that can help stop SAD:


Moving the body releases endorphins and boosts mood. You don't even need a gym membership or have to leave the house to get the blood pumping. City dwellers, climbing stairs is an effective form of exercise. YouTube also offers a diverse selection of videos for every type of workout at every level of expertise.


Get outdoors and let the sun wash on the face or any other exposed skin you're comfortable leaving uncovered outdoors.  If not, keep a light therapy lamp or clock by the bed and wake up to the gentle light that recreates the effect of the sun rising. This method is proven to improve energy levels. 


Having a laugh fest with friends is a great way to lift the mood. Best of all, it's free and can help a friend who may also be feeling the winter blahs too.  Fight the tendency to hibernate and you'll be rewarded.

How do you fight the winter blues?

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