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Warm Weather Skin Prep


Skin is resilient and adapts at the drop of a dime. As we move from the dry winter to pollen-filled spring, your skin may need a boost as the seasons transition from arctic to mild. 
  1. Moisturize. Ok, while this is helpful during all four seasons, spring is full of surprises when it comes to temperature. A quick drop in temperature could leave you skin parched. Applying coconut oil immediately after a shower is a delicious way to help skin lock in moisture.
  2. Keep sun protection in mind. If you use a lighter SPF moisturizer in the winter, be sure to nudge your SPF count higher. Don't forget to apply to your neck, ears, arms and legs as you begin to shed your winter layers and dress lighter.
  3. If seasonal allergies kick up, double down on your intake of healthy fruits, vegetables and nuts. Manuka honey is also rumored to be a sweet and natural way to help boost the immune system.
  4. Working out is always great tonic for the skin. Exercise gets the blood flowing and promotes circulation to keep skin cells vibrant and healthy. 
Keep skin resilient through spring and you'll have it primed and ready for summer. Do you have any skin care rituals when the seasons change?
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