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What's Hiding in Your Bar Soap?

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Shifting towards a more natural way of life requires review of every thing one eats as well as what comes in contact with the body.  The healthy home tips for hand washing from the Environmental Working Guide (a wonderful resource to navigate the maze of safer products) had us thinking about how the average bar of soap is brimming with ingredients with scientific names that are near impossible to pronounce and don't occur in nature. This includes common brands of soap with natural-sounding scents that shall remain nameless.  

Most of us make assumptions that large companies care about our health when in fact ingredients are chosen based on factors ranging from cost to how much lather the soap will produce. These are chemicals that we rub into our skin day in and day out. But it's not the only path we can take. A plethora of natural options that are less processed, filled with skin-nourishing ingredients and smell just as heavenly are available to you.

When it comes to soap, something you massage onto the largest organ of the body, why roll the dice? Our bodies are exposed to everything from BPAs in soda cans and store receipts to particulate matter from cars, buses and taxis and even particles floating in our homes and offices. Why bombard the body with another thing that doesn't promote good health?

Wherever you are in the shift to a less chemical-filled life, it's helpful to remember every small change adds up over time. Progress, not perfection. Do something better for yourself every day.

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